With Allah’s Name, With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer


321 Grant Avenue
Plainfield, NJ 07060

                      As Salaamu Alaikum (Peace Unto You),

“Who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan?” How often have we heard these words and felt a resonance in our hearts that call one to duty, that call one to action and call one to service. Indeed at this very moment we are putting out this very call in hopes of your immediate response with helping Masjidullah – Plainfield with a worthy goal.

For more than 30 year Masjidullah in Plainfield has worked to spread Islam and share the beauty and wisdom imparted to us by Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). In addition to being open for the five daily prayers, Jum’ah prayer and Sunday Ta’aleem, we offer a weekly soup-kitchen through which we have been able to feed the hungry for more than ten years. We are also host to karate classes for the youth, a weekend school for Arabic and Islamic studies, and a social service agency which provides much need support services for individuals seeking to free themselves from the yolk of substance abuse.

United in our belief that the house of Allah should reflect order, cleanliness, and a sound foundation; we have embarked on a total renovation of the Masjid. We have initiated a substantial effort to raise the funds necessary to complete the renovation, and are actively contributing toward this goal through pledges and weekly donations from our membership. Still, with our numbers being so small, it has become necessary to seek your aid in meeting our goal and completing the work that has already begun on the Masjid.

By donating today, whether five dollars ($5.00) or five thousand ($5,000), you are aiding us in reaching our goal of $220,000. We are seeking your aid today in hopes that you will join our efforts to ensure that we continue to reflect the best that Islam has to offer. In addition to mailing a check or money order payable to Masjidullah at the address above, you can make a donation today via paypal.com by following the link below.


Allah has reminded us that sadaqah benefits the receiver and the giver, so we encourage you to give generously today and seek Allah’s Mercy and Forgiveness with your donation. May Allah bless you for your contribution and sincerity, Amin.
Please feel free to forward this letter to friends who you would like to encourage to join you in supporting this effort.

Shukran wa Jazak’Allah Khayr.